Week 5: Readings

I really empathized with the "Making Interactive Art: Set the Stage, Then Shut Up and Listen" post by Tom Igoe.

I always loved going to art museums and galleries. I have some knowledge about art, but most of the time I went with friends and family that have zero knowledge. I always felt that they could-not get excited as me. A lot of art works are not accessible and because of that there's a big distance between them and audience. This is why I went to study visual communication, I thought it's kind of art that is more accessible to the audience. When I discovered the interactive art I noticed it's not like any art works I knew. There was (like Tom said) a conversation between the audience and the art. For me it was a new way to look at art and make new people excited and be part of it.

The Happy Feedback Machine is a really good example for that, an art that let the audience be a part and creating a dialog. I hope that in the future we will see more and more interactive art in museums and galleries view and because of that a more diverse audience.

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