Week 7

Updated: Oct 29, 2020


Like all other labs I started by connecting my breadboard, because I didn't have a ADXL335 I used potentiometers that I connected to the analog side and a pushbutton that I connected to the digital side:

I then wrote the code in the Arduino program on the browser ( I discover that the Arduino nano works better online). After I wrote the code and connected the Arduino I got prints

Then I open the p5 and p5 serial control and made a the connection between all 3 programs, witch was much easier then last time

I edit the code but it didn't work - the circle on the screen didn't moved

I tried to debug it and read the code again. And then I noticed I didn't change the number in the map to 0 and 1023, so I change it and.....

project 2

Walking in the streets of New York mede me think a lot about cities. Every building that is there (especially the big ones) has a direct effect on me: the light that I see or don't, wind that I feel, small or big shadows in hot days - are all effects of the size and height of every buildings and their position.

This project is supposed to talk about communication between the physical and the computer and what I want to show is the effect of every physical building on thing that we feel.

For the physical part I want to build a board from wood that will be divided to 12 parts. Then I want to create 12 wooden buildings, with different highest. My inspiration was this board-game:

on the screen there will be a green square (that will be divided to 12) that will repent grass and two measures - one of light and the other of air, it will look something like this:

Every time a building will be placed on the physical board all the measures will change and the "grass squares" around the building will change to another color. The height of the building will effect the grass and the measures differently .

The plan is to attach a different resistor to every building and define each resistor and its effect on the p5 sketch.

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