Week 6 - Serial Communications

For the first lab I decided to try the Arduino nano again, especially because I didn't have the ADXL335 which has an alternative inside the Arduino nano.

I started to run the different codes in the lab in order examine the communication between the Arduino and the computer.

I took me some time to understand the ascii concept but this tab helped me:

then I ran the code and it was clearer

Lab: Serial Input to

First, I set up the board

then I spent quite some time to set up the p5 and create a communication between the Arduino and the p5, after I succeeded it allowed me to write the code. Its the first time I saw the affect of changing some thing physical and the affect that it have on screen:

From that It was really easy to continue to the next task

Lab 3 Serial output from P5.js

Like the former lab I started by setting up the board

I spent a lot of time to debug: the LED wad connected back word , I didn't write the connection between the p5 as I needed and I needed to reload the Arduino program again. But in the end it finally worked:

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