Week 5 -It's alive!!!

So last Thursday Mr. Frosty finally came out of the machine and into the the world:

And it's even squishy:

I really loved the result and decided to print another figure in LaGuardia studio, and while

I'm writing this lines Mrs. Frosty is being born.

In parallel I discovered that Maker Space have a printer that print a flexible material named TPU.

So I went to print there

This was the first try, apparently TPU is not an easy material to print with

So I tried again, this is the second try :

I decided to drop off from the TPU and now it's time to decided how can I make two more figures in the shortest amount of time?!?

In addition to the figures preparation I started to think about the toys photoshoot. So I created different photoshoots backgrounds

and check them with the figure

after I chose the light background I printed it:

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