Week 4 - Don't let democracy turn off

This week I'll begin from the end by presenting the final result.

I never participated in a demonstration. Even-though I voted in every election, I never understood the meaning it had on my life. Now, that I'm far away from home, studying in a country that is going to have an election that can effect my visa issues, in parallel hearing what is going back home and how my friends and family going to demonstrate in order to protect their rights, I understands that (unfortunately) democracy is not a given situation, you have to keep it and fight for it. So I decided to use one button that you have always press, otherwise "democracy start to disappear".

This is the work:

I divided the work to two parts: The making of the "poster" and the electronics.

The making of the poster

Because I didn't want the poster to have a white background (for contrast with the light), I knew that I couldn't print it. So, I used vinyl cutting.

I made a file and used the cutting machine:

And try to light up different materials withe the LED

Then I peeled the background and combined both colors:

And put both colors on a black background:

The poster was ready. Now it was time to plan the circuit.

Because I wanted a lot of LEDs, I needed another power supply in addition to the Arduino. In the beginning I used 12v adapter. I never used the 12v adapter to power and switch multiple LEDs so I searched online and found this video:


In the video they recommended to use a MOSFET, and presented this circuit:


So I started by drawing my circuit with all my LEDs:

and calculated the resistance that every line of LEDs will need

I created the circuited and added the MOSFET and it worked!!

Then I connected the Arduino and wrote the OUTPUT number in the code, everything worked.

But then I woke up in the morning something was wrong. First the Arduino didn't have a connection to the program. After many tries I changed the Arduino to the Arduino UNO, there was a connection but now the power supply didn't work, I used butteries instead and needed it to calculated the resistance again. Then every thing finally worked!!!:

And this was the time to add a button and add it to the code as well. Here is the final result (in order to see it work you need to go to the beginning of the post)

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