Week 4

This week while I'm still waiting for the print from LaGuardia studio I decided to continue with a few things:

  1. Printing in 3D printer a small model to try to improve the first figure

  2. Create a CAD file for the second figure

  3. First thoughts on packages

1#So first thing I used a 3d printer for the first time.

The figure looks pretty much like a the CAD file, so that was good. But there were a few problems. First, the small details like the toes disappeared, it could be because the model was really small and the nose was connected to the body. Second I learn that I need to design a base in the CAD file in order to pull out the figure more easily from the printer. Third, I'm trying to decide if maybe I should straighten is leg that the figure will be more stable and able to stand on its own.

2#In addition to printing I continued to create the other CAD file for the next figure and in parallel starting the process with LaGuardia studio.

3# I'm having first thoughts about the package. Because the figures are in the beach or the pool I thought it could be nice to create a package from towel fabric. I bought these towels:

Then I looked for inspiration for the package's form and found this:

I made a short simulation:

And started to think about the label:

Hopefully this week my figure will be finally ready and my toys will start coming to life

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