Week 3 - The green man project

So as we decided the previous week Lilo will illustrate all the scenes and I will add the graphic layer. Lilo sent me all the components for the first two scenes:

Then I started to work on the graphic layer. I want it to have a hand draw feeling so I tried a few different styles:

I searched for the right texture that will fit, at the and I found this water color texture :

At the end I created this and sent it to Lilo to hear her opinion:

She liked it! and we started to talk about the animation. We were on the same page - a video that feels like it is hand drawn.

In photoshop we organized each component to its own layer and then we imported all the files into After effect.

We found this video:


we used the turbulence effect to create the "shakiness" of the line, we apply this effect on all lines components. At the end we created a mask for each component in the order it appears in the story. For the text we used the "typewriter" effect.

This is the first two scenes:

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