Week 3 - labs

Lab: Tone Output Using An Arduino

First I prepared the breadboard like in the instruction:

My Arduino nano still having problems connecting to the computer so I switched and connected the Arduino uno

Then I measured the rang of the analog value, it was between 0 - 1023 so I changed the code.

But still it didn't work..it took me quite some time to understand that it didn't work because one of the v at the word Value was not in capital letter 🤦🏻‍♀️ I changed it and it worked:

Then I tried the more complex example

It took me a lot of time to understand the code, I know something was missing in the definition. I wrote the "melody" code but I didn't understood how I define the note. Then I notices there was a code snippet attached on the lab page, so I added the it to the code:

For this lab I didn't have one more sensor so I used a button, The button didn't worked at the beginning, so I changed the resistor, it worked:

Lab: Servo Motor Control with an Arduino

I set up the breadboard

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