Week 3 - Its fat, its cute, naked and going to the beach... this toy has to be squishy!!!

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

This fat nudist family had to be full of air, floating in water and definitely with the option to squish. I searched for a squishy materials and found this:

After a really informative conversation with LaGuardia studio I decided to choose a martial named Agilus 30 White, which is a flexible and can be painted easily.

I needed to make a CAD file. It was my first CAD experience and I decided to work with a user friendly program call TINKER CAD. Because Mr. Frosty is made mostly of primitive shapes it wasn't so complicated.

Then I added small details like toes:

The only thing I needed is to get used to looking at the character in all dimensions every time I added a new shape. So it took me some time but eventually I made most of the figure

After finishing my CAD file I did some zoom talks with LaGuardia studio.

We checked the file together and improved it for 3d printing (I even added a special hole for the air to go out of the doll when squished). In the end I wrote all the information for the toy, including size and color.

Now all is left is to wait....

*Next step will be doing some tasting printing and if it all go well to print the final toy

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