week 2: Story Board

In the aftereffect project I'm working with the talented Lilo Primo. We started our project with a brainstorming session over zoom.

On our brainstorming we talked about Identities. We feel a lot of people define Identities by looking on a particular group.

In a more personal note: we feel that a lot a people define us as Jewish and Israelis. But even inside of Jewishness there are different Identities and different stories.

We thought about the different narratives that each and every Identities has. We want to present that every one has a different narratives. We decided to do that by creating animation of famous Israeli children story named the "Green man". The story is about a green man that lives in a green city with his green wife and green kids. One day he meets a blue man. The green man ask the blue one "what are you doing here?" and the blue man answers "Me? I'm from a different story" ( and that how the story end).

So we're going to animate this story, only in our story the green man will be a Hassidic Jew and the blue man will be a secular woman.

This is the story board:

As for the style, Lilo is a great illustrator and I'm coming from a much more graphic world. So we decided Lilo will draw and I'll put graphic layer. We look at a few inspiration:

My favorite animator from panimation is Janice Chang . I choose her first of all because of her illustration style. Her figures are exaggerated, they are always have big arms or legs, and because of that they are "taking" a lot of the space in the composition. But they still feel reliable.

In addition, even though it seems that she worked in computer, there are a few textures that give the work a unique fingerprint and her choice of colors are really is surprising and unique.

Regarding to the animation I really love that every animation has small movements but it still feel like an all scene.

Those are the figures I designed for class

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