Week 2 - Labs

Lab 1: Digital Input and Output

I followed this vide Video: Digital Output step by step, starting with organizing all of my components

Then I attached the Arduino and connected between two sides (minus to mins and plus to plus)

In addition I decided to try to learn all the signs, so I sketched them and wrote notes in Hebrew. It help me to read the schematic and especially to understand what kind of resistor iI needed

I attached the pushbutton to the Arduino and connected the LED's (through resistor)

When I connected to the power supply, one of LED turned on and pressing the pushbutton didn't shut it down. It took me a few minutes to understand that I needed to use code for the first time🧐

I didn't connect all of the components like the photos in the lab so this photo helped me understand the input numbers

So the breadboard was ready and the code was ready but for some reason it didn't work, I then realized that there was something wrong with the Arduino. There was no connection between the Arduino and the computer. I tried a different Arduino this time an UNO Arduino. I wired the Arduino and.. it worked:

I really enjoyed the creative switch lab last time, so I wanted to try agin with the Arduino but instead of Maneki-neko doll I used Jesus

Lab: Analog In with an Arduino

I continued with the Arduino uno. I connected the new components and measured the values of the sensors, the values were from 0 up to 980 and then I put the new values in the code. Then connected to the computer and this is the result:

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