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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

For this project I made two photos. One that will be some kind of background and the other that will only expose when there will be a figure in front of the camera.

Camera photo:

Background photo:

Then I fellowed this video:

like in the video I divided the video pixels to rgb

In the video different brightness shows different rects. I needed to understand in which values the figure from the camera will be the most clear. so I played with the values.

I want to replace the white rects to my photo. First I wrote a preload function and in the if expression I replaced the rect with my image

It's not actually what I wanted but it was a start. Then I needed to change the gray background to my background image. So in the background function I wrote the image

The figure photo was not in the right scale. I read about image reference and I sew this image

I then realized Im missing the d parameters. I added them. but it still didn't worked

It didn't really work so I reduced my photo in illustrator and that helped, I got the result I want. In the end I changed the design and the final results above. But Im sure there is a way to change it in code...

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