Week 1 - I see (fake) people

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

After the first lesson, in which we sketched characters from LEGO structures, I (like the kid in the sixth sense movie 🍿 that saw "dead people" everywhere) started to see faces everywhere. Making a short trip to the grocery store felt like eyes and facial expressions are everywhere I look.

I especially loved the fire hydrants' different facial expressions and the way they looked (they don't look like this back home in Israel). I decided to document them and try to get inspired by them in my sketches. So I took some photos and repeated the exercise we did in class.

Here are a few examples:

Most of the time I'm really hard on myself and I need everting to be perfect. I feel like those one minute sketches really help me to chill.😎


I started with a small trip to the art supply store. Because I knew I can't cut the doll (I don't have the tools/knowledge) I decided I will focus on coloring and gluing objects on the peg dolls. But I got a bit distracted and bought a lot of things that I didn't really use.

I started by coloring the doll

Then I realized that every doll need more layers of color

The first day I felt like I spent a lot of time painting the doll and didn't know what I'm doing. I decided I'm not a spontaneous person and I need a plan. I liked the first character that I made and thought to continue with this style. When I started to sketch I decided it could be interesting to see how different I can create each "toy" using the same color and materials (with the knowledge I can only paint and/or glue).

For me, working with sketches worked much better. Knowing how I want each doll to look and the understanding that every doll need a few layers and time to dry, I started to color them all:

I think I didn't control the brush so well, so for all the black part I decided to use the marker and paper glue (for accuracy):

A quick probing on the floor garbage brought a few interesting toppings to dolls:

From the fan I wanted to create hands, but I could only cut it with scissors so I decided not

to use them in the end

Those are the final products:

This assignment was fun but also frustrating. I learned what is the right process for me and a bit about materials. But, I still feel that my craft abilities are limited and because the dolls didn't come out the way I wanted.

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