Touching not Touching

Touch, when is it ok and when it is not?

This this year with because of Covid, we needed to think before we hugged or even shook hands. It made me think about sexual harassments: about new rules and new boundaries. But it also made me think about touching boundaries in art. All those thoughts made me think about the interaction and that I want to create a few models that will each have different touch boundaries and the viewer will need to explore them.

The final idea is to create 4 subjects, that look like pillows. They will be made from fabric colored like 4 different skin tones.The objects will behave differently from one to another. If one will react to the viewer's touch the other will be deterred by it.

This week I explored a few fabrics:

And made an example from one of them (the cheapest one)


  1. Should the object need to be vertical or horizontal? on one hand if the objects will be on the wall its more inviting for action but in the other hand the if the objects will be on the floor the objects would feel more human and more accessible

  2. Still not sure how the movement needs to be

  3. How to get the user engaged with the objects?

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