The Tzu-mi box

For my curious cube project I created a Tzu -mi (attention in Hebrew). I wanted to create a feeling I used to have when I had a fish, a living creature that doesn't need a lot attention but reacts when it receives attention.

The box will be made from a screen that will display reactions to human behavior. This is the final result:

The first thing in the process was playing with the sensor and ordering all the supply

Then I started to draw the different faces

and animated them

I connected the sensor and the screen to a raspberry pi (using this link:

I uploaded the adafruit library and started to write an if statement for every scenario

For the the box I made a paper model first

And laser cut wood


and connecting the box

A few thoughts for improvement:

  1. The interaction area need to be interesting and inviting for interaction

  2. More reaction for the figure to the different interaction

  3. Improving "the machine" response to the human action

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