Textile Interfaces #Final project

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

When we just moved to New York we used to sit outside on our roof and eat takeouts until it became really dark. One time when it started to be dark a friend of us took his cellphone and turn up the his flashlight and put it inside one of the takeout paper bag. It wasn't that dark anymore.

I combined this idea with my switch task and sketched a paper bag (from brown paper or rice paper) that will turn with the pulling of the string. This is the sketch:

I started examine different kind of papers. I knew that I wanted a brown paper that will look like a paper bag. After I chose the paper that was thin enough to show the light through but strong enough to hold the bag, I made a small prototype of the bag. I wanted to make sure I understood how the bag open and close.

Then I made a sketch of the layout:

And then I measured and cut the paper

I connected the circuit and glued the conductive materials to the top of the bag.

I also tried different kind of LEDs

after I decided on the yellow LED I attached the bag.

This is the final result:

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