Textile Interfaces #Day 1

Our first task was supposed to be very easy - we needed to create a circuit on a fabric by sewing. Piece of cake!! well apparently not for me...

Normally Im really good in hand sewing but I never used conductive wires. The wires were a bit hard to sew.. but eventually I managed. After I finished sewing I connected the power supply, the voltage was too high and I burned the LED🤦🏻‍♀️. I started again, sew everting from the beginning but this time I connected a resistor and my power supply was the Arduino:

After learning about materials, our next assignment was so create a switch. I found a small bag that was made of transparent fabric I planned to use the bag string as a switch.

I sew small foil paper on the "meeting point" of both sides of the beg

Then I created the circuit with LED, wires, 220Ω resistor:

At the end I connected the circuit to an Arduino, this is the result:

I really loved the result and decided it could be a good base for the final project. When we just moved to New York we used to sit outside on our roof and eat takeouts until it became really dark. One time when it started to be dark a friend of us took his cellphone and turn up the his flashlight and put it inside one of the takeout paper bag. It wasn't that dark anymore.

I combined this idea with my switch task and sketched a paper bag (from brown paper or rice paper) that will turn with the pulling of the string. This is the sketch:

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