Sketch #2 - First design

Because I was inspired by Aidan Lincoln's Memento Mori clock I decided to have a short consulting session with him. We brainstormed for a bit, and I decided I will make a large clock that will be the countdown clock ( Aidan told me that his clock is on his desk and its a constant reminder for how time is precious) and take a fit-bit, that I will re-program to use as the pulse sensor.

First, I started to look for an inspiration for the shape and materials of the countdown clock :

I saw in each of those images a way that they can be used as clock. But the one that really looked like the best for my concept and got me really inspired was this image:

It really looks like a grave stone.

Something that will be a constant reminder for death. That's how I knew I definitely want to use concrete as a material for the countdown clock.

Then I started to think where the digits will be shown, I want that the countdown will be on the concrete itself and not to add another material. Then I found this clock on Amazon:

So my clock will be made entirely of concrete, the digits will appear on the concrete itself. This is my sketch:

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