My inspiration for this project came from the Bauhaus ballet. I think the design of the outfits is amazing!! and the characters look like toys already. I started by sketching:

The figure that I sketched looked too similar to the original and not only inspired by it:/ I felt stuck for along time. I asked my friend for advice and she told me "You trying to be elegant, its not you, you are messy" unfortunately she was right. I wanted to stay with my inspiration but bring something that is a bit me. I decided I will stay with the shapes of the body and the basic Bauhaus colors but maybe will take an inspiration from another world.

So the result are three fat, naked, goofy figures:

Then I start to work with a steel wire:

In order the give them a bit of body fats I used tin foil:

Then I put some duct tape to get a smoother texture

I wrapped it with plastalina modeling clay, that it will feel a bit more like the final figure

The plastalina helped me express details like noses that I couldn't do only with the tin foil.

I still feel I need to get to a higher level of details. This is the final result:

The third figure I wanted to try and create in CAD but unfortunately I didn't succeed ;/

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