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So I decided to reduce the project (but also expand) and instead of creating one figure that can move in all kind of different ways, I will create 4 small figures, each and every figure will have a different kind of movement. It will be an opportunity to learn about different movements and to learn how to build variety of hinges.

******************************************************************************************** I started by looking for inspiration. I want the final project to include 4 small objects, well designed, playful, colorful but that will not look like toys:

I didn't really ever work with moving 3D or even 2D objects. So I started to research with videos about animal movement. I then decided that each object will be moving like a different animal:

Worm Object



Penguin Object



Spike Object



crab Object:




In this issue I am really unsure. Because of my lack of knowledge in this field and because the objects are really different, I'm not sure which materials to use. I do want to explore these options:


Advantages: its a cheap material, it is strong and easy to work with and I have access for it.

Disadvantages: I never work with it, not a flexible material


Advantages: I have access for it, strong

Disadvantages: I never work with it, not a flexible material and not a cheap material


Advantages: I have access for it, flexible material and I work with it

Disadvantages: not a strong material and could be expensive


Could be time consuming and cant control the design of the object

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