This week I began to build a raw prototype. I found some kind of round styrofoam which I decided will be my base. I figured I can carve out holes to put all my hardware in.

This how potentially I want the object to look like:

And then I tried to check how it will look with light (in the final prototype I prefer white light)

Then I carved out some holes for all the hardware

I connected the push rods

At the end I wrapped it with fabric (I used different fabric and not the one I want to use at the final prototype)

Unfortunately, there is a big gap between how I imagined the prototype and the final out come.

Things I need to create until the final result:

  1. The appearance of the object needs to be more accurate: the object itself, the fabric and the light

  2. The movement. The movement now is too small, not noticeable and too mechanical.

  3. Sensors - I need to add the proximity sensors

  4. Quantity - My original plan was to make at least 4, now I'm not sure if be able to make all 4 of them.

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