Project Definition

In the last post I wrote what will be my project in broad strokes, in this post I will try to define it with more details.

Dream - I want to create some kind of a figure or a robot that has hinges that will move in harmony with the human in front of it. In every hinge there will be a sensor that will affect and move that part. My big dream is to create an art preferment that includes a human size figure and a dancer.

Vision - My vision is to create a small figure / robot with one or two hinges. The hinges will operate with the help of capacitive sensors that will be drawn on the figure / robot with conductive ink and will move with small hand gestures of the human in front of it. I still cant really imagine the figure / robot but I want it to be from cheap and light materials like cardboards or papers and servo motors.

This is the first sketch I made:

But then I found this:

So this will be my starting point, but I'll have to take it further.

Plan -

  • Feb 14 - Research different materials for the figure and different hand gestures. Sketching the final figure and decide on the general movement

  • March 7 - Research on different motors, captive sensor and the hinges. Drawing a circuit and purchase all equipment.

  • March 28 - Create a prototype only to understand how the motors and the hinges works

  • April 1 - Building the figure from at least 2 different materials (examine how the hinges work in these materials)

  • April 18 - Create functional prototype with one of the materials and the motors.

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