Project 3

This week I divided my project to a few parts:

First the music: my friend sent me an original cover divided to six different channels. Each and every channel is a different instruments: drums, bass, guitar, organ and two vocals.

Then I used the p5 code: I wrote an array that will show if there is an object or not. Every object was connected to a different channel and when the object will be on the ink the volume will increase. For some reason when all six channels were on, the music wasn't synchronized. I read on the internet that MP3 doesn't work well in p5 (x . I changed all the channels to aac and it was better but not perfect. So I combined a few of the channels and now I have 4 channels.

Then I uploaded everything to p5:

And connected each object to a different channel

The next step was to examine the ink: I wanted to examine if I can color 3D object made of PLA. I colored an old 3D object that I had. Then I created a circuit with the ink and close it with the 3d object:

Then I wanted to try the capacitive sensor, in order to add a volume button to my project. I used this link:

and fellow all the steps:

Now I need to create the the physical dimension. I create a stencil for the ink:

and this week I will print the the surface and will crate and print the objects.

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