Project #2: Curious Cube

The Attention Box

My partner travels a lot, and when he does I always feel that the house is really empty. In the past we used to have a fish (that lived for three years!!) and it always felt like the house was less empty. So I know a fish can't talk and you even can't touch it but it felt great that there was another living creature in my home. So for my cube I decided to make an Attention Box. The box will be made from a screen that will display reactions to human behavior. The first response will be reaction to light intensity (ALS PT19 ), when the light will be bright the screen will respond with good morning, the moment the light will turn off the screen will respond by snoring (😴 ). After a few minutes in the "good morning mode" the screen will change to the "status quo" screen (a screen that is always on, unless the human doing something). If the human touches the box (capacitive sensor) the face will change to the "attention mode".

I really hope to use animations in the screen but for that I need to buy a good screen (RGB TFT LCD) and a stronger Arduino, not sure yet...

I need to divide the work to a few parts:

- Make the screen work with all the graphics

- Create a connection between the different sensors and the graphic on the screen

- And finally fabrication

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