Project 2 - Building Blocks

My project deals with the effects that every building and its height creates on the surrounding area. Does it block the sun and because of that the street is darker? Does it block the air? Is there less grass because if it?

In my project every wooden block can block something essential

The process

The board - I planned the board in a program called Eagle. The first stage is to create a schematic sketch and then the program creates a file you can use for the milling machine. I created a file with 12 pads that the buildings can stand on.

schematic sketch :

Final file:

Then I used the milling machine:

It wasn't that easy:

This is the final result:

The buildings: after I had the board I knew the buildings sizes. I sawed one piece of wood to 12 pieces:

After I had 12 building in 4 different sizes I sanded them in order to create a straight and smooth texture

Then I created windows with the vinyl cutter:

At the end I sawed a crack to put the resistor

The code: In P5 I wrote 3 different elements: air, light and and the buildings area, then I wrote a condition code for each of them - for a situation that there is a building and for a situation that there is not. At the end I added an array for the building location:

For the Arduino code I defined each pin, and wrote a function that contained if expression for each end every different value (that will be received from the different resistors):

Connecting everything: I started with soldering wires between the top of the board to the bottom then I soldered a header.

I connected the wire to the header to the analog side and to a 2kΩ resistor. I wanted to use the the digital side and use capacitors but at the end I didn't have room for more buildings so I didn't use it:

Then i connected all the programs. It worked but not that great because the points where the building and board needed to touch each other weren't straight, It took a lot of time the make it work and I tried different things.

this is the result from a table top position:

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