Playing with motors controller

This week I started to find out how I can control a few motors in parallel. I worked with Adafruit PCA9685 16-Channel Servo Driver. This controller can control up to 16 motors.

I used this guide:

I started by connecting 6 motors to the controller and to a 5V pawer supply. Then I upload the controller library. I used one of the example in the library to move the motors one at the time:

The I connected wooden sticks in order to create hinges

And try to move something that will act like a fabric

I did some more experiments which change the the position of the sticks and I changed the code in order to make the sticks move all at the same time

Now that my project changed a bit I also want to change my plan-

Feb 14 - Research different materials for the figure and different hand gestures. Sketching the final figure and decide on the general movement

March 24 - find to "right" fabric and create a small prototype with the motors

April 7 - explore the sensor and the light

April 14 - Create functional prototype including the light and sensors and the motors.

April 28 - Fabrication

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