Playing with a Servo motor

This week I started with the Servo motor.

The first thing I tried is to connect between a Servo motor and a sensor.

Then I wanted the motor to move another object. So I connected it to one of the sides of a cardboard box:

And with the help of a string I managed to get more control of the movement.

This whole experiment made me think that I can go back to my original idea, or at least part of it.

I though about a few points that are important to me to have in my project:

- A full communication between the figure and the human

- An interesting interaction between an object and a human

- An interesting movement of the figure

- A figure that would not look like a human or a toy but still have the feeling of a living creature

- The figure movement needs to be authentic

With those pointers I searched for a new inspiration

Here are a few sketches with the interaction:

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