Week 1 #How Computation Applies to Me

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Many times when I wanted to create something new I felt my lack of

knowledge in computation.

I felt it when I did my final project in my bachelor degree.

I created a website that compares between the seven major news sites in Israel. The website was a tool that presents information in a visual form while the user gets the widest breadth of information. The platform draws from the largest news sites in Israel and displays articles published on the same time, as they appeared on the original website. In addition, the user can compare how subjects are presented on the different websites.

The site presents the difference and similarity between articles and the different news websites. Attributes of every article are conveyed by different means that correlate to the way they are presented in the original website. For example: the size of the article and the order that it is presented in will be the same as the original website.

The user is able to draw conclusions about the newspaper s/he reads and also about the article itself.

That site could have been a live data tool, that people could use to get a wide and clear picture about current events, unfortunately my lack of knowledge in computation means that the website only works as prototype :(

Ideally (my fantasy) there will be an algorithm that will scrape all the data from all news websites (even world wide!), recognise what kind of data it is: words, photos, and different subjects and then display it.

I wonder.. if I had enough knowledge in computation, would that have improved the user experience and the design of the website?

This is only one example (of many) that if I had knowledge in computation I believe I could make something that people would actually use. So, for me computation could be a way to make my imaginary dreams and prototypes become reality.

**A link to to the project, but by the way it is in Hebrew (sorry):


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