My diagnoses האבחנות שלי

The last class discussion about language made me think a lot. It was hard for me to relate to the conversation. As a foreigner in the US, I sometimes don't even understand the basic language or the mentality, it is a day to day struggle, especially going to the doctor. The discussion about what is appropriate or inappropriate to say seems not relevant to a person, like me, who knows the language to a limited extent.

When Yo-Yo Lin, talk about the two diagnoses in her movie- one from the US and from China I know exactly what she experiences.

The difference between the two languages is really big, I remember the first time I noticed that. If in English birth control pills are pills that help you control in Hebrew it's a pill that prevent pregnancy. It is seems like a small thing but it says a lot about the attitude towards pregnancy in both country:

And I really felt it, when I want to the gynecologist.

Family values are really important in Israel. There is a lot of pressure to get married and have babies. When you get to 30 without kids it becomes an issue in Israel. I see how my friends talk differently than they use to, and how freezing your eggs became a "thing" now. Going to the gynecologist now in order to get reassured that everything is ok and I wouldn't have to worry, that I still have time was really disappointing. I really thought that an American doctor will reduce the pressure. I felt that I needed another opinion from an Israeli doctor, it didn't help - I got more confused.

Their words still stay with me.

For this week assignment I wanted to explore that. I want to show the the experience I had with the diagnoses

first I spread all the diagnoses:

they were not clear

and they mix with one to the other

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