Meet the Frosty’s

They are finally here!!! After 6 weeks I completed the 4 figures.

But I will start from the beginning:

After a few failures with the PLA printer I decided that the two remaining fingers will be from a hard material. After two days they were ready:

Then I dried them:

And sanded them:

At the and I sprayed a primer

After it dried I sprayed some color:

Dried it again, and began with a masking process:

Sprayed the red color and let it dray. After one hour I left the tape et viola!

Finally I got my other figure from LaGuardia and two more figures were ready. They came out better then I expected so I didn't want to create a package that will cover them like I originally planned. I went to the supermarket in order the find some transparent packages but then I saw the meat boxes and I knew that it will fit good with the Frosty's. So I made a label and printed it.

Now all that is left is to take some photos of the final product

The packages:


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