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Updated: Feb 18, 2021

After exploring the lights on the floor we realized that the main issue that we want to solve is creating an Individual light system for each and every table:

The process. After we explore our sensor we thought about the user experience. We know that we want a turn ON and turn OFF system and a system that will control the brightness.

We know we want to use the Break Beam Sensors in our ON/OFF system and decided the put them on a the chair so in the minute the user will seat the light will be on. First we connected the sensor to the Arduino then we wrote the code and check the terminal to see of they are working:

Then we connected a LED in and then wrote the code again (now the two different "calls" that the sensor get are on or off of the LED):

For the brightness of the light we created a capacitive sensor with copper tape:

After mapping the brightness we defined that the different calls from the capacitive sensor will control the brightness of the LED

We want to work with real lightbulbs. So we bought a 12v power supply, al lightbulbs house and a lightbulbs. In order to control the brightness we bought AC Dimmer. We connect the AC Dimmer to power, ground and to digital pins, then wrote the code and replace the brattiness code in out code to set brightness. We want to contact the sensor to a chair and the capacitive to the table so we set every thing up.

But something didn’t work. Our code was running but the lightbulb wouldn't turn on. After a long investigation and one burned chair we discovered that the AC dimmer not should be to be on conductive materials 🤦🏻‍♀️.

So although we don't have pretty video with the all user experience we have the results above and a life lessons - Never put Ac dimmer should not be on conductive materials

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