In their skin

A Summary of Your Project

10 “skin like” moving objects that responds to the gallery viewer

Background and Concept

This year because of Covid, we needed to think before we hugged or even shook hands. It made me think about sexual harassment: about new rules and new boundaries. But it also made me think about touching boundaries in art. All those thoughts made me think about the interaction and that I want to create a few models that will each have different touch boundaries and the viewer will need to explore them.

Project Description

My project will be between 10 pillow-like looking objects in different skin colors. Every pillow corner will be like an “arms”. All those “pillows” will be on the floor, scattered on

the gallery space when the viewer will pass them in the gallery space the "arms" will respond to the viewer, either stretch or will be deterred .

Audience Interaction

The people in the gallery will act neutrally (as natural as they can be in a gallery space) once they will get close to one of object the interaction will happen.

Social Impact

The project tries to explore the boundaries of touching and raising the question "can people know what are other people's boundaries".

Ideal Installation Venue

The ideal venue will be in a white medium room. Preferably inside of a gallery.

I thought specifically about Gordon Gallery it‘s a small gallery in south of Tel - Aviv the gallery have high ceilings and tone of sunlight

Installation Plan The objects will be scattered on

the floor around the gallery space

Proof of Concept

System Diagram


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