How to count birds #week 1

This the birds in my era according to E-bird:

Biding | 26.03.21

Tora and I decided to go Brooklyn Bridge park. We did a small research in the park website:

The birding was really challenging especially because the wind is blowing at 25mph. Our binoculars were shaking and we gave up fairly quick but we were still able to identify one Double Crested-Cormorant and three Ring-Billed Gull.

I think the lesson is - to check the weather before going out.

Counting bird feeder cam

I watch with Aksita, Martin and Lilu the bird feeder cam in Taxes.

We decided to count them by:

- Which feeder they are eating from

- Crest or no crest

- Size L/M/S

- Main color

We watched together and counted

we managed to identify a few

White winged dove


Summer tanager

Ladder woodpecker

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