Grandma's chicken soup

When I started to think about language and structures I immediately thought about recipes and especially my family's recipes. There is always a strict structure to a recipe but when a family member gives a recipe its always a mess. In addition to this mess, now that I am far from home, I need to translate the ingredients and sizes. It made me think a lot about my transition to the USA and my parents' immigration to Israel. I wanted to use one of the most known family recipes, the one that really reminds me of my family. So I called my mom and asked for my Grandma's chicken soup and this is what I got:

מצרכים:עוף כ300 גר כרעיים או גרונות .6 גזר .1 בצל .1שורש פטרוזליה .מלח 2 ליט מים .לבשל כשעה .במשך השעה להוציא קצף שנוצר לאחר כשעה כף א מרק עוף ועלי סלרי עוד כשעה

A whole mess! I wanted to put it on a structures that feels like my family dinner, so I rearranged it on a Romanian pattern that reminds me of the different table cloths that we used to have. I wanted the pattern to break and the language to change to English signifying my personal change. So in some point I stopped the pattern and wrote the recipe in English. This is the design I wanted to create:

But there is a big gap between what I can create in illustrator and what I can code in Python...

I remembered that in p5 we used a code the distinguishes between the different pixels.

So I made an image with different brightness for each pixel.

Then I read about PIL library here:

I uploaded the library, the image and the text

I watched this video again: and with the help of the code from here

I distinguished every pixel based on their brightness, white pixels were spaces and other letters from the text I uploaded.

then the text looked like this:

I then changed the font to a monospace font which helped.

For the html I used Allison's recording and notebook ( a lot!) . I used one of Allison's examples in order to add the english words. In order to control their position I used tuple and moved pixel by pixel....

But then it looked like this

It was really cool but not what I meant.. so I added white-space to the html and it fixed it.

And at the the end I joined the english words HTML to the main HTML template.

This is the notebook:

And here is the results:

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