First Project - first thoughts..

I always believed in democracy. But the last election in my home country, Israel, made me lose faith in the system. No matter which candidate was chosen or got most of the votes, one man still stayed in as prime minster and he always did it under "democracy" laws. Current events in Israel, like tracking on civilian phones or the fact that it's prohibited to hold demonstrations made me think how the democracy is: a. starting to erode and b. how the democracy led us to this situation. I knew that my first project will deal with those issues.

My inspiration was this work above by David Tartakover (a famous Israeli designer). The poster above shows part of the Israeli declaration of Independence. Tartakover deleted all the parts that Israel doesn't fully fulfills (these days) as promised in declaration of Independence.

The text that I will present will be the definition of "Democracy״, some of text will be colored in blue and red.

The circuit will be with one button and two LED's one- red and one blue. In the beginning both LED's (red and blue) will be turned on - so all the the text will be lighted (the text in blue and the text in red). One press on the button will turn off the red light - so all the red words would not be lighted and disappear. Final press will turn off the blue LED - which will lead to all of the text to disappear (like I fell about Democracy). A few minutes later the text will light up agin.

The circuit is not spoused to be complicated.. and I will focus on that this week.

The only thing that I'm not sure about is the button. I think that conceptually it needs to be interesting then juset a button , so I will need to figure it out...

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