Final project #week1

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

For my final project I decided to to try some thing different and try to do a more experimental project. I want to continue my previous project - I want to create a flat surface that when different objects are on it (in different locations) it reacts with music. In this project I want to learn about different materials and their conductive interactions.

My inspiration for this project is "White square" by Dani Karavan:

For the surface I want to try to work with conductive ink, Im going to make something like this:

I bought a conductive ink to try to play with ink and to understand its conductive properties:

I want to create 3D objects with different shapes:

For the circuit there are 2 options:

  1. 3 switches and use the digitals inputs - that means I need the objects to be from conductive materials

  2. options 2 is to create an analog interaction and for that I'm thinking of using resistor materials, I read about a resistors PLA which I can print the objects with a 3D printer. Other options is to use RFID cards.

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