Final Project(s)

For the final project I had two ideas. I had trouble to decide witch one to do, so I decided to do them both. The first idea was inspired by a Swiss friend that used to live in Israel. She knows how to speak Hebrew but doesn't know how to write in Hebrew. Every time she used to text me, she wrote in Hebrew but with English letters. The fact that I was still been able to understand what she is writing was really interesting to me. I discovered that the "Academy of the Hebrew Language" wrote a transliteration for letters between the two languages.

From Hebrew to English:

From English to Hebrew:

I decided to create some kind of automatic transliteration.

This the result:

This is the code:!/anglit

I started from the backend. My project reminded me of how a dictionary works so I tried to search for something similar. Luckily I found Python Dictionaries (

Then, in order to continue to the HTML and CSS I needed to design the interaction

When I had the general idea of what I want to design I started with the HTML and CSS, using a lot of links:




And then at end I connected all pages using the following links:





The automatic transliteration still doesn't work perfectly, especially because in Hebrew we have punctuation. So every time I wrote a vowel letters I needed to punctuate the previous letter. I still was not sure how to do it and would like to continue and research it.

The next idea was to create a generator that combines between poetry written by poets and pop culture songs. Unfortunately I know a lot about American pop culture but not a lot on American poets or poetry. So I asked one of my classmates about classic American poets that you learn in school and she gave me the following list: Allen Ginsberg, Robert Frost, E E Cummings, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou and Walt Whitman. First I picked random poems and made a list of poems, then I chose a few pop culture songs. At the end I picked the ones that their structure will be the same in both lists. In addition I did a few adjustments in order that the songs and the poems can be combined.

This is the result:

This is the code:!/poetry-high-low

Doing this project after the first one really helped me and I re-used a lot of the code that I used in the first project.

First In the Python I created a server with 2 parameters: one for the poet and one for the singers.

Then I wrote strings for every artists with lines from their songs or their poets.

I wrote dictionaries again using the artist names. And at end I added a for loop that will take from the list only even or non even lines, using this link:

In the java script I wrote a two lists for both types of artists and then wrote code to pick random item from the list.

At the end I designed everything in HTML and CSS

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