Final project proposals

Proposal #1 In the last semester, we talked a lot about the language between doctors and patients and about people that are excluded from the healthcare system. I read this article: and listened to this podcast: Apparently, the BMI system does not really indicate if you are healthy or not since it is normalized only for white people. For example, black women with a high BMI can be healthier than white women with the same BMI. I want to create a tool that helps you calculate your BMI while taking your race into account. I believe that a tool like this can be helpful for patients but also for doctors to not draw wrong conclusions. Proposal #2 The other proposal is to continue with this work:

I want to see if birth control has a different meaning in different languages. I would like to check if there is a connection between these and statistics about women and motherhood. I imagine creating some kind of data visualization website for that. Regarding the Narrative Medicine exercise, some of them were a bit hard for me. It is easier for me to express myself visually than speaking or writing and I'm really critical about my writing (especially because English is not my native language). But with that said, I felt it was interesting to have to write and to write fast. It felt freeing because I could not overthink it. It was more effective as a therapeutic to help me open up than as a way to improve my writing. Although I think it could be a great exercise for how to start a story.

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