Final project -I wanna dance

I wanna dance is a project inspired from an original cover product by Shai Sivan and made by Ella Ronen to the Whitney Houston hit “I wanna dance dance with somebody”.

The song is divided to 4 different tracks, each in every one of them is a different music instrument: organ, vocals, drums and guitar.

The project is exploring print as music player. With the help of conductive ink I created an abstract poster printed by hand on fabric and wood. I printed different shapes and words from the song lyrics in 3d printer. Each and every shape represent different track in the song: circle for drums, stairs for organ, pyramid for guitar and letters for vocals. The connection between the ink and the 3d shapes playing the different tracks. And only when all the four of them on the fabric all the song is playing (you can't dance alone only with all four). The results:

The process:

The music my friend sent me an original cover divided to six different channels. Each and every channel is a different instruments: drums, bass, guitar, organ and two vocals.

p5 code: I wrote an array that will show if there is an object or not. Every object was connected to a different channel and when the object will be on the ink the volume will increase. For some reason when all six channels were on, the music wasn't synchronized. I read on the internet that MP3 doesn't work well in p5 (x . I changed all the channels to aac and it was better but not perfect. So I combined a few of the channels and now I have 4 channels.

Then I uploaded everything to p5:

And connected each object to a different channel

The ink first I did a few experiments with the ink, in order to understand how it work

I wanted to examine if I can color 3D object made of PLA. I colored an old 3D object that I had. Then I created a circuit with the ink and close it with the 3d object:

Then I wanted to try the capacitive sensor, in order to add a volume button to my project. I used this link:

and fellow all the steps:

Then I created a stencil in illustrator with outline:

And cut all the shapes in the vinyl cutter. Then I typed the vinyl to a wood (that I cut in the right size) cover with fabric, and colored with a roller:

After pilling the vinyl I had my surface, and I checked with a multimeter that there is voltage:

I notice that I needed to paint again and agin in order to keep everything working

The 3d I designed 3d modules:

Then I printed them and colored the bottom with the ink.

I notice that the tach between the objects and the surface dose not working very good because the object don't have a lot of wight, so I printed them again.

The circuit and Arduino code when I put the object I notice that now (after I put ink on their bottom) they working as a resistors. So I connected them to the analog side. Each switch are connected to ground, resistor and to pawer. For the capacitor I connected them to two digital pins and between of them I put a resistor:

The code after I connected everything I read the different calling from the Arduino. And then I wrote a code that the Arduino will print a '1' in different calling. And else it print '0'. Then I had four switches like in the p5

For the capacitors I use this link:

I connected every capacitors to 2 digital pins and between them I put resistor. Then for the code I wrote the new pins and add the new number as number 5 and the array

At the end I wanted to play mor with the capacitors so I printed anther board

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