Final project

In Chile, they call it "Control on birth rate" in Switzerland “Anti baby pill”. Same pill, different meaning. The first time I noticed it was when I went to the pharmacy in the US. My terminology for this pill was completely different from “birth control”. I started this research in order to see if there are similar differences across other languages and if how they affect the women using the pill. In the places I gathered information on the pills are available and legal, but it doesn't mean that there aren't issues and stigmas with taking them. For example in India “Many women report feeling uncomfortable and harshly judged when buying contraceptives at pharmacies”, wouldn't you feel the same if you asked for a pill that is literally called "Womb Repellant"?

I started this research to see if there is any different terminology for the pills in different languages. But I discovered so much more about every country in relation to women, 

their birth-rates, and motherhood.

This is the process:

The data I collected:

The design:

The code:!/birth-control

Final project:

** The information is based on people from different countries and Internet databases, if one of the information is incorrect please send an email and it will be corrected

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