Final project

My final project was inspired by one of Guerillas Girls art work:

In 1985 the Guerillas Girls checked (and presented) how many one person exhibitions in New York were by woman artists. In my project I want to present "what changed (or didn't) in the last 20 years". First I collected data by all 4 museums, I checked all 4 museums one person exhibitions in the last 20 years. Unfortunately there wasn't information for the MOMA so I'll present for only 3 museums: Guggenheim, Whitney and the Met:

Then I create a sketch of how the user experience will be. I wanted a big slider at the bottom that will represent the year and that the data will be the main thing:

Then I designed a file. It was really important to me not design it by a stereotypical symbols for woman and man. So I decided to present everything in the same color and only to distinguish by using the first letter and fill the information that is important (number of women that have presented)

With the help of Alison in this link:

I started the code by uploading the CSV file:

After that I designed the slider and map it to 20 (20 years):

I needed the information that is presented on the table will appear on my sketch. After a lot of internet searching I found this video that really helped me:

The data appeared on my sketch as text. I needed it be connected to my slider so I changed the line number (0-19) to be the same number in the slider, I did that by defining the slider map as a variable and wrote the same variable in one of the data.getString function.

Then I wrote a text function to each columns

and at the end I designed the text and re-position everything.

The main challenge was to change only the 'w' to be with a fill and not outline. In the for loop I changed the fill color based on the character.

At the end I added a short animation that will explain what the 'W' and 'M' stand for. I wrote it in the draw function and wrote an if for all the rest.

This is the result:

edit file:


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