Final project

For my final project I decided to create a small website inspired from this work by The Guerillas Girls:

In 1986 they check (and presented) how many one person exhibitions in New York were by woman artists. In my project I want to present "what changed (or didn't) in the last 20 years".

First I collected data by all 4 museums, I checked all 4 museums one person exhibitions in the last 20 years. Unfortunately there wasn't information for the MOMA so I'll present for only 3 museums: Guggenheim, Whitney and the Met:

In my website I'll will show (hopefully) each and every individual year how many one-person exhibitions were, how many were by women and how many by men, I'll present it in each and every museum individually, for all of them together and finally the total of women exhibitions in those years for each and every museum. This is the sketch:

The years will be presented by the slider, the museums will be buttons and in the middle all the data will be presented.

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