Field Trip & HTTP Request with Arduino projects

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Which exhibition did you see?

Actually lately I wanted to see a lot of exhibitions but none of them were with intangible interaction. I did remember that in the Time Out market there is one intangible interaction piece.

Name Multiply 2019 Artist @BREAKFAST

Materials flip-dice, software, camera and computer

How did you feel about the show? What did you like about the piece?The first time I saw this piece I was with some friends that didn't have a connection to the art world. I saw a lot of art work like this (really reminded me of works by Daniel Rozin) so I wasn't that excited but my friends were charmed. It was like magic to them and it was really fun for me to see and I noticed two things: first, they got really excited from an art piece and second, there is a connection between the art and the viewer. I think a really good element in a piece is the sound, it gives something extra to the moment that the piece is changed and shows the figure. How is intangible interaction used in the piece?The intangible interaction is the piece. The piece is made from a lot of small flip-dice. When a figure stands before the piece the flip-dice spins (to its gold side) only where the figure is. So the piece was like a pixel mirror. If you were the artist, what would you have done differently? I think the proportions and size were really odd and made the process of recognizing yourself in the piece to be longer.

Using API from Arduino to get data and trigger physical output with it

Using an API call from Arduino to get data and trigger physical output with it.

So for my wifi lab I decided to work on the Air Quality Index API lab.

First, I uploaded all the libraries. Then I wrote code and connected the Arduino and the LEDS:

Then I ran the code and it didn't work

After a lot of tries I wrote the code on the Arduino online version and then it worked

I was able to connect the Arduino to the wifi but wasn't able to find the specific city. Then I started to look at the website's Api.

Then I added and ran the code

New York



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