Every heartbeat counts

I read a study that claims that a people have a limited number of heartbeats in their lives (around 3.3 billion). I wanted to show that with a timer that counts down all the time based on your heart rate - a reminder that all things must come to an end and that our time is the most precious thing we have

I started with this sketch that created a simple countdown:

Then I connected all the number and ran their code in the Arduino

In order to measure the heart rate I bought a simple fitness watch. I used bluethooth and this website:


in order to check if I can get real live heart-rate data.

I used this code:


In order to connect between the p5 and the watch.

Then I wrote all the code in my first p5 sketch in order to connect between 3 things:

the Arduino, the countdown numbers (p5), bluethooth (the watch)

For the fabrication

I started with a sketch

Created a mold using disposable bowls:

This is the final result

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