Data visualization of bird data

For the data visualization part of this week’s activities I wanted to check the frequency of kinds of bird ( in my case "Blue Jay") in a specific area ("New York"). I found this data in:

but I could not find a csv file so I created one my self:

I wanted bars to represent different months and the bar's height will represent the frequency. this is the results:

And this is the code!/birds-data

This week I went bird watching in Prospect park with Akshita

Compared to the previous time I went bird watching, the whether was warm and there was no wind. We decided to sit near the lake in the hope it will attract more birds. We set there for almost two hours and we noticed a few water birds:

Of all of them we were able to recognize the Canada Goose:

Near the water there were a few birds as well

And we recognized them:

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