Curious cube -week 2

This week I started working on the screen. I needed different animations for different scenarios:

  1. Starting to fall asleep

  2. Sleeping

  3. Waking up

  4. Status quo

  5. Feeling that touch is going to come from right

  6. Feeling that touch is going to come from left

  7. Feeling the touch

I started by looking for inspiration for my illustration:

Then I designed the different faces

and then I animated them

Then I started to connect the screen to the raspberry PI, I used this guide:

and this photo:

Then I installed Visual Studio for my code and the library. I used one of the library examples.

The gif showed but it was glitchy and not on full screen:

I changed the library (

and it helped a bit.

The I connected the sensor:

and wrote an if statement for every scenarios:

This is the result:

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