Week 1 #JABA the java monster

Even though it's a coding assignment, I started by looking for an inspiration and trying to figure out what I'm going to draw. I looked at tribal masks and took some shapes and colors as an inspiration for my "Java monster".

Then I started to draw whatever came to mind. I thought that if I had some kind of drawing or sketch in front of me it will be easier to understand where every shape should be. Unfortunately I'm not a very good illustrator... but I did mange to sketch a some kind of face that I could create with code.

I also wanted to have a palette of colors. So I picked one from the internet:

With the help of Adobe programs I can get the exact RGB data and set everything in my palette.

At first it was really easy to put a few objects on the canvas. It reminded me programming languages that I already know such as CSS and HTML.

Coding a few simple shapes like ellipse were simple to apply. Even the coloring aspect of it reminded me the way I'm coloring in photoshop or illustrator.

It started to be complicated when I wanted to create shapes that were straight and with angles (such as triangles and rectangles).

I needed to see the coordinate system in front of my eyes in order to understand where each point belongs. I know that the coordinate system is different from what I'm used to, that 0 points are above and the numbers are growing going down.

I sketched it that way, hoping that it will be much clearer.

But for some reason it was still hard from me to understand. So I sketched it again, this time in Adobe illustrator (I thought it will be much more accurate). Once I saw the my illustration on the chart, things became much clearer and I had a better understanding of where each point should be.

The next challenge was creating an arc. In order to create an arc I needed to change my perception. It took me quite a long time to realize that the arc is a part of a circle and that the "center" of the arc belongs to a complete circle. Once I understood it, I sketched it and wrote the point that the circle center is and where the arc begins (starting at 3 o'clock!!!). The transition from thinking in angles to thinking in radians (so this is what π means!) was very much new to me and also took a bit of time to understand.

After solving the arc issue, I felt much more comfortable with drawing by code and started to add more and more shapes and colors. So my monster became to look like this:

Here is the final work and the code: https://editor.p5js.org/ds6298/sketches/laX7GdJ5N

Drawing by code was challenging, especially the transition from illustrating in design programs to illustrating with code.

I still feel that is not natural to me and it's going to take quite some time...

This experience with illustrating and sketching really helped me, so I'll definitely continue to do that.

Waiting for my next challenge :)

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