Can computer Be a poet?

For this project I used a project of mine from material-of-language class. The project was a generator that combines poetry written by poets and pop culture songs. I know a lot about American pop culture but, unfortunately, not a lot on American poets or poetry. So I asked one of my classmates about classic American poets that you learn in school and she gave me the following list: Allen Ginsberg, Robert Frost, E E Cummings, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou and Walt Whitman. First, I picked random poems and made a list of poems, then I chose a few pop culture songs. At the end I picked the ones that have similar structure in both lists. In addition I did a few adjustments in order to combine the songs and the poems.

On my website I had text that combined two creators and now, this seems the perfect opportunity to have the computer read out that new poetry.

This is the result:

(web- site)


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