Asemic writing

I decided to take this assignment and try to explore different elements of font style. How does this style of a font really look without the letters??

I chose 2 decades: the 60's and 70's and started to explore their fonts characters:

The 60's:

The 70s

I read throughout Allison notebook in order to understand the code

I first started from the 60's style

this is the link:

I wanted to create letters made from a circle and a rectangle.

The 60's style typography includes a"shadow" for every letter, in order to do that I used a group component (

Interesting "mistakes" that happened in the process:

Here is the "ABC":

At the end I created some kind of a card with the "latter":

every time I ran the code it resulted in a different "word":

Then I worked on the 70's style

This is the link:

I created something from straight lines that will look like a maze.

I started by using the line function

But I wanted every "letter" to rotate so I changed it to polyline.

After creating the shapes I started to play with different compositions

and with rotate

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