Animation Unity project

During this year, all of us spent a lot of time on our houses that sometime felt like living in a box, I decided that for the Cornell Box assignment I will create a surreal box that mixes between the inside and out side. My main inspiration were these photos:

First I added the box in the frame, I designed the materials, that it will look like a wall:

Then I created the 3d objects in a program call tinkerCAD and changed their materials

Then I edited the video and put sound on it and in Unity, I used it as a materials for the window.

The clouds I found online and I spread them in space.

Then I added the lighting, a few effects and the background and then the space was done.

Now all that is left is to animate everything. I started with the movement of the clouds. I created two key frames and in order to create slow movement I kept a long distance between them. At the end I created an animation for the camera movement (which the original plan was to make interactive) and then I was done, this is the result:

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